Nearly 50% of the world’s population experiences neck pain at one time or another. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to ease the symptoms or avoid neck pain altogether.

Pay attention to how you hold your head and neck when sitting. Too often, while using a desktop, watching television, or driving, the chin tilts up, the head rocks back, and the neck becomes compressed, resulting in neck pain and headaches.

Make a conscious effort to keep the chin level and the head from leaning back, and sit up straight, never hunched. Place a pool noodle section in the lumbar region between the back and the chair to take the pressure off the back and help with posture.

When using a desktop screen, position the monitor to center the eyes in the middle of the screen. When using a tablet or phone, hold it higher so the neck is not unnaturally bent, which creates a condition known as Text Neck.

Pay attention to your pillow if you wake up with neck or headache pain. Ideally, your neck should not be bent, so the pillow should not be too high or flat. Avoid sleeping on the stomach, which forces the head to the side. The best way to sleep is flat on your back. If this is uncomfortable, try placing a pillow under your knees or a small lumbar pillow beneath your lower back.

Keep the neck supple by periodically stretching. Try first to touch your shoulder with your ear, moving slowly. When you feel the stretch, hold it for a few seconds and then push further. Avoid rapid movements. Then, repeat with the other side a total of five times each.

Roll the head in a very slow-managed circle, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction. Repeat five times.

Try the neck tilt: Try to touch your chest with your chin. Hold for five seconds and repeat five times.

How to Get Help

Remember, if your pain is severe or doesn’t go away with simple stretches, we’re here to help. Chiropractic care can help immensely with neck pain and headaches. We also offer acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and natural healing products. Dr. Nance has assisted people with mild to severe neck pain, so call us today at 910-739-6000.

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